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More than a hotel – an Experience!

Pass through the whimsical entryway into a sumptuous hacienda of yesteryear.

The sala (living room) embraces you with rich deep-red walls and the warmth of hand-pounded copper lamps spreading their glow over exotic Mexican woods and colourful folk art.

The exquisite dresser made from native exotic katalox as well as most other fine-timber furnishings of the guest house were crafted by Guanajuato artisan Alejandro Vazquez.

Look closely at the whimsical folk-art carved painting – you’ll see not only “The Old People” of Michoacán, famous Mexico artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, but also hotel owners, Peter and Mary.

Examine the fine detail of the charra (horsewoman) Catrina in the niche. We named her Lucha Villa, after one of Mexico’s most famous singers/actresses. She was created by perhaps the most famous Catrina artist in all of Mexico, Javier Espinosa of Capula, Michoacán.

Take a photo with bar hostess, Tza Tza L’Amor, who greets you for a complimentary tequila or fresh juice. She is the first solid-wood Catrina carving created by artist Guadalupe Navarro and his daughter Marisol of Cuanajo, Michoacán.

Relax in the traditional leather-and-wood equipal-style furniture from the village of Zacoalco de Torres, Jalisco, and then, before retiring to your room, explore the additional options for cosy sitting areas.

You may choose to linger in the courtyard as your eyes savour the explosion of colour and the whimsical natural-fiber Tule furniture from the Michoacán village of Ihuitzio.

For a bit more intimacy, sink into the love-seat or the oversize chair in the adjacent sala, where conversation can be more private.

Examine the collection of Guatemalan animal masks purchased from an indigenous village in the mountains surrounding Lake Atitlán.

The large portrait is a rendition of Don Quixote lit by hand-blown lamps. If you’re chilly, borrow a sarape from beneath the side benches.

Be sure to take time to fully appreciate the table we lovingly refer to as Monkey Butt and his other Tule animal friends.

For morning coffee, afternoon relaxation, or a sunset cigar and glass of wine or fine tequila accompanied by spectacular views of La Bufa and the colourful city, climb the spiral staircase to the roof-top patio with its hand-smelted cast-iron furniture from the village of Tzurumutaro, Michoacán.

Even if you are not in one of the upstairs suites, wander upstairs to appreciate the folk art and delicate hand-blown-glass chandelier over the stairwell.

The lovely macrame window covering and the exquisite macrame art on the adjacent wall was created by Guanajuato artist and nationally renowned mime (be sure to take in his performance in front of Teatro Juarez), Miguel Rodriguez – Mimo Michelle.

The hand-carved and painted folk-art picture of Guanajuato’s university and Basilica comes from a photograph by one of the owners, taken from the patio of Hotelito Casa Dionisio (second-best guesthouse in Guanajuato) and then transferred into a carved painting by Guadalupe Navarro of Cuanajo, Michoacán.


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+52 473 171 2459